Welcome to Lily’s Life is Great!

This website is to celebrate Lily and all the wonderful individuals we have met because of her! We adopted Lily at birth and was introduced to the world of disabilities. We have met amazing people on this journey. We have been devastated at the loss of beautiful children. We have been uplifted at triumphs we thought would never be reached. And, we have laughed until tears ran down our faces at the creative, funny things we have seen and heard.

I am a beautiful, funny, darling, adorable, cute, gorgeous, girl who does my own hair! I am so awesome! (Lily)

Don’t tell me I can’t
when I’ve already proven to so many that I can and have

Don’t tell me I shouldn’t be here
when so many people would not have learned the things that I have taught them

Don’t tell me I have no value
when I have given so much joy, laughter, and love to so many

Don’t tell me I’m different
when everyone in the world is their own unique person

Don’t tell me how to live my life
when there are so many possibilities for me to try

I CAN do things!
I was put HERE on this earth because of my VALUE and DIFFERENCE
Possibly to even teach you how to live a better life

Suzie Smith

Our church’s, The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, disability information.
These sites have useful information for anyone that has a disability or has a loved one in their life with a disability.

LDS Disability Resources

LDS Ability

First Presidency Statement on Disabilities