Puberty, Lilyisms, and Pinterest

What a combo!

I need to catch up with so many things. It is not helping that Lily is changing daily!

This puberty thing has me getting nauseous. Lily is heading there in a big hurry. She has jumped from a size 12 to a 16 in most clothes and went from a size 5 to 6 1/2 – 7 in shoes!  I would really, REALLY,  like her to slow down.  Her weight is still in the normal range on both the Ds chart and a typical chart, so I am relieved about that. On a side note: Lily’s pediatrician told me they (National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) and  World Health Organization (WHO)) were changing or have changed  the Ds Growth chart, but new charts have not yet been made available. Because of all the medical advances and therapies our kids are healthier and therefore growing differently than what is stated on the older charts.

Anyway back to puberty. She’s getting there and I can’t stop it from happening so my only option is to educate myself and her.

Oh joy…

I bought two books: The Girls’ Guide to Growing Up and Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about Their Bodies, Boundaries, and Sexuality. After Lily’s last doctor’s appt. I told her that her body was going to start changing. She has gotten a few pimples and tells people they are spider bites. She is so excited for boobs! The other stuff, not so much. She is scared. I AM SCARED! I think it is going to be more challenging for me as I have not had a period for almost 20 years and Lily’s big sister was married before Lily was born so I have nothing to show her  (I guess I should go out and buy some pads – there’s an idea!) She asked if she would be using band-aids. Oh this is not a journey I want to take.

All this puberty stuff is changing her attitude too! Oh my gosh the girl has an attitude that won’t quit. She can be so stubborn and then switch into my sweet baby girl within seconds. She’s so normal! I really did think I could get around the pre-teen and teen phase (that I really don’t like very much!) with her because she was… well… “special,” “a special angel,” “a sweet spirit.” No. No, she’s more normal than not. So, for all you Ds mom’s out there with infants and toddlers that are so loving and cute just you wait. They stay loving and cute and then they throw in the normal typical kid attitude thing and it throws you way off!

She got bacon in a box for Christmas from my mom. They go to IHOP all the time for breakfast, right before Christmas Lily ordered something with bacon. When the order came there was only one piece of bacon on her plate. Lily was so mad that she refused to speak to my mom for the rest of the day! ATTITUDE!

Her Lilyisms are more grown up now it seems. We were driving down the street and there was an odor in the air (outside) out of nowhere she shouts “Grandma quit farting!” She is referring to her grandma that just passed away! She thinks my MIL is farting up in Heaven and we can smell it! Truthfully my MIL is probably laughing so hard at this that she has tears running down her face. I can really see her now just bursting with laughter. But really Lily!

She told me that one of her teacher’s had neck surgery. I was concerned and asked her what happened. She told me her teacher had a floppy neck like her grandmas and she didn’t want it anymore so she had surgery. Then right before Christmas break she told me one teacher was leaving and going on a mission. When I asked the teachers about it they burst out laughing, and here I was all excited and happy for this women. I would really love to be a fly on the wall inside that classroom and listen to all the stories that get started one way and end up something completely different once it got home.

So besides all the life changes we have been doing some fun crafts. For those of you who don’t Pinterest it’s another fun, addictive social website that has you sharing everything from food ideas and crafts to weddings, events, books, and inspirational quotes. Lily and I have done a few things from Pinterest and a few that we found on our own. We are trying to teach Lily more about preparing food. It is even written in her IEP because they have an oven and microwave in her classroom. She really wants to cook on her own and even made mac and cheese by herself when my mom was here. We have a gas stove . Can you say SCARY!

This is a Pinterest recipe - so yummy!

She made this scarf in Young Women’s. I am going to borrow and also make some more!

3 Responses to Puberty, Lilyisms, and Pinterest
  1. Kristin
    January 9, 2012 | 11:31 am

    So NOT looking forward to puberty with my own. Six going on 16 as we speak – haha.

  2. Scarehaircare
    January 10, 2012 | 10:32 pm

    Puberty and DS combo scare the living daylights out of me! The Love Magnet already talks about wanting driving lessons. Purses are her fave accessory. She wants a cellphone. I cna’t imagine trying to explain a period to her. She would want a bandaid, too. Completely logical.

    Please blog more about your journey here. If you don’t, you know I will be calling with questions anyway. :)

  3. starrlife
    January 25, 2012 | 6:36 pm

    Oh I’ve been by here before! I remember pretty Lily. Ahhh, mine too is all I can say altho mine is a bit slower thank goodness in growth! And I’m menopausal too and no memories of my first period. Fasten our seatbelts!

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